MSCO has been rehearsing Christopher Tin’s Calling All Dawns for the past few weeks, and it’s hard to miss the enthusiasm Music Director David Rutherford has had for this show. Until last night’s rehearsal, we could only imagine what audiences will be seeing Friday and Saturday at Fairview High School. Having seen the pieces come together, now I’m blown away.
I’m sure that the other participants in this production – Kim Robards Dance, Fairview High School’s Orchestras, their Enchantment Choir, their dancers and vocal soloists – had similar experiences as each put in their hours of individual practice and rehearsal. Sure, our parts are cool, but what’s the big deal?

Last night’s rehearsal was one of those moments – for me at least – in which you realize you’re part of something much bigger. The scale of this is one thing – 50 violinists alone between Fairview’s three orchestras and MSCO! But what took me by surprise was the skill, preparation and professionalism of all the Fairview performers – my hat goes off to the students, their parents and the arts faculty at Fairview for their dedication to their inflatables clearance

I’ve been around the block long enough to know that something like this doesn’t happen every day or every year for that matter. Whether you know any of the performers or not, you will be impressed and you may, like me, be moved. Seeing how each of the arts – solo singing, choral singing, dance and orchestra – each play a role in this spectacular experience is something you won’t want to miss.