November 18 & 19 • 2016

VALERIA: A Fugue in 4 Acts


Episode I

The season-long series will explore a single narrative through four episodes/concerts – a story line developed through music, acting and story-telling. Stratus borrows the highly successful and addictive television series concept, in which each episode/concert is self-contained, while at the same time functions as a chapter in a a story arc that continues throughout the season. There’s always a reason to come back to the next concert, but joining the series late is never a problem!

old couple watching tv

The orchestra is arriving, but a key member is missing and no one knows why. Is there more going on in the orchestra than just making beautiful music?





  • Benjamin Britten – Gloriana: Courtly Dances
  • E.J. Moran – Lonely Waters
  • Felix Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 4 “Italian”
Buntport Theater

Buntport Theater

Please act responsibly.


VALERIA: A Fugue in 4 Acts

Stratus Chamber Orchestra

with Buntport Theater

Mendelssohn: Italian Symphony

Friday • November 18 • 7:30p

Waterstone Community Church
Littleton, CO

Saturday • November 19 • 7:30p

Augustana Lutheran Church
Denver, CO