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Concert 3

Dreams & Aspirations


Feb 2 – 1st Plymouth Congregational Church

Feb 3 – Augustana Lutheran Church

Special Collaboration with the

Lighthouse Writers Workshop



  • Beethoven: Symphony #3 – 1st mvt
  • Ives: The Gong on the Hook and Ladder
  • Copland: Letter From Home
  • Plus three more selections to match stories not yet written

Three great works of music have already been chosen, written by visionary composers who dreamed big and changed the nature of music. These have been given to three of Denver’s best and most creative writers. They’ll share their aspirational stories that are inspired by these great works of art. Three more writers will provide their stories to Stratus, and music will be chosen to illustrate and magnify these inspiring stories.

We all have dreams. It doesn’t matter how old or young, or where we’re from, or what we do for a living. Stratus joins with Lighthouse Writers Workshop to bring you the stories of people’s dreams, presented with the emotional impact only music can provide.


The music and stories will be presented in creative ways to connect the audience and the performers in a shared experience of hope and imagination.

You may find yourself hearing someone’s dreams and aspirations for the first time, and find there’s a lot more of your own heart in the hearts of others.