Concert 4

– is about the          power of music.


April 27 – 1st Plymouth Congregational Church

April 28 – Augustana Lutheran Church

Jessamie Kaitler, composer

World Premiere: Awakenings


  • Bach: Sleepers Awake!
  • Beethoven: Symphony #3 (Eroica)
  • Sibelius: Spring Song
  • Kaitler: World Premiere – Awakenings











We always knew music was special.

We didn’t really need all the research to tell us that music has a unique and powerful connection to what happens inside. But if you’ve seen any of the recent YouTube videos like these, it’s hard not to be amazed all over again at what music can do in the brain. Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. Dementia. The stories are truly inspiring.

In our 20th Anniversary Dream Season Finale, we celebrate these stories and the beautiful way music awakens us every day. We’re so excited to share with you the World Premiere of a new work by Australian composer Jessamie Kaitler, who saw our immersive performance in Prague and couldn’t wait to take the concept back home with her. At our immersive concert at the Czech Museum of Music in Prague, she reached out and expressed a desire to work with Stratus in creating an unforgettable new work for the orchestra.

Kaitler’s new work will be presented along with other masterworks of the chamber music repertoire that all have to do with the morning, new beginnings, and the incredible joy each new start can bring. Most of all, we’ll relish the power of music to Awaken us any time we need it.